About the Author: 
Becki is a stay at home mother of three wonderful kids, ranging from the ages of ten to seventeen. Writing professionally for the past five years, she's the demure alter ego of a popular erotic romance author. Finally giving into her children's plea that she write something they could read, she created a new series tailored for the younger reader.  So look for the first book in the upcoming Dormitory Series to come out this fall on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in e-book formats.   

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About the Dormitory Series: 
Set in the midwest where Becki resides with her family, you will meet in a rag tag cast of kids who sometime in the near but distant future reside at The Dormitory, a school for ophraned kids with...shall we say...unique abilities?  In Dormitory C, resides our main character,  Leah Mckinzie and her genuis twin, Marie. At ten years of age they have recently been orphaned by a plant explosion that killed their only relatives. With their differences, they soon find themselves bounced from foster home to foster home until Mrs. Brindle, the headmistress of Dormitory arrives. Neither girl is prepared for upheaval which will occur.  

In the first book, The Arrival, we will journey with Leah as she and her sister arrive at their new home and met the first of challenges they will face when they have a run in with the self-declared leader of Dormitory C:  Kacee, a twelve year old girl who's lived within the dark halls of the Dormitory longer than any other resident.