Excerpt Tour: Keeper of Reign (GiveAway)

Today I get to welcome Emma Right to my blog.  She's promoting her YA book, Keeper of Reign. This book looks like it would be a phenomonial read for those of us who love sci-fi and fantasy.  So be sure to check out the blurb and excerpt below.  Ms. Right will also be giving away a $15 Gift Certificate & autographed bookmark to one lucky winner through out the tour, so be sure to enter via the rafflecopter form below.  Enjoy! 

Sixteen-year-old Jules Blaze is an Elfie - half elf, half fairy, living in a cursed Kingdom. The Keepers, entrusted to protect sacred Books written in blood, have long forgotten their purpose and struggle with the effects of the curse.

Jules finds himself in the crosshairs of an evil lord bent on destroying Keepers and their Books. His mother is a Keeper and she has disappeared, along with his grandparents. His father is nowhere to be found, and Jules now finds himself alone with four siblings to protect and a house ravaged by the enemies.

War rages on all sides of his homeland. Agents and assassins sent by the evil Gehzurolle are determined to kill him. Jules must find an ancient book whose secrets are the only thing that could give him answers and save him, his family and his homeland.


For a second the shadow following them determined to strike Jules and his siblings again, but he stopped. They thought they were invincible with the dragonfly lantern, but direct attack wasn’t the only way to exterminate Elfies. Whisperer should know. He’d been perfecting the art through the ages. The proper time would come. It always did.

He pursed his lips upward toward the clouds, first softly, then more intensely, his gaze never wavering from the siblings. His master had given him authority over the elements of the air. He could use it to his advantage, but this time he would use something that had worked before.

Beta had told him about the Laceworks, and it was a perfect plan, assuming Beta’s trick had convinced the boy and his siblings to get inside. And once the Blaze kids were gone, he could finish his task and search the wreck left behind by the fire.


Emma Right is a happy wife and homeschooling mother of five. Besides running a busy home, she regularly reads and writes stories for children. An avid Christian, she enjoys writing stories with themes involving family-life, friendship, faithfulness, and seeking wisdom, all in an imaginary fantastical world. She has written several young adult novels and plans on writing many more. Right worked for two advertising agencies and has won several major awards, including the prestigious Clio Award. She currently resides in California where she takes care of her children and her many pets.

Keeper of Reign is a finalist in the reader's Choice Award 2013

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